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V International Forum “Arctic: today and the future” as always impressed participants with its scope and highly topical programme. The opening took place on December 7, 2015 in EXPOFORUM St. Petersburg. Organizer of the Forum was IRPO “Association of Polar Explorers” which for more than 20 years have been participating in Arctic zone development and contributing to joint efforts of all society participants involved in Russian Arctic future.

Forum took place under the direction of A. Chilingarov, President of IRPO “Association of Polar explorers”, special representative of President of the Russian Federation on International cooperation in the Arctic. More than 1200 people from Russia and other countries participated in the Forum. Exclusive interviews, press points. acquaintance with technical and scientific achievements and culture of Arctic peoples became a source of unique articles and publications.

According to experts, “Arctic: today and the future” is the 3rd Arctic Forum in the world in amount of number of participants.

President of IRPO “Association of Polar explorers”: “Nowadays Arctic is an object of focused attention from the government and great hopes are laid on it. At the aim of living them up it is necessary to work hard and take joint efforts”. Forum “Arctic: today and the future” became a center of attraction of public initiatives. “It is necessary to bring Polar romance back. Journalists can help us with it. We are opened and we are ready to invite all journalists to participate in our polar expeditions ”

Plenary Session.

The Plenary Session became a determined symbol of cooperation of authorities, society and scientific community for implementation of Arctic tasks. According to Dmitry Rogozin, deputy Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation, people living in the Arctic should get certain treat. “We will solve issues of human capital assets development of the region. Better living standards, social programmes, development of health care and education systems”, said deputy Prime Minister. D. Rogozin addressed to forum participants asking to give reasoned suggestions for the State Commission plan in the framework of topical sections. “I promise that all elaborated recommendations will be tabled, if it is necessary, on the State Commission session on the Arctic development”, said D. Rogozin. Igor Albin, vice-governor of St.Petersburg, pointed out at technological and scientific achievements of the Northern capital”, contributing to the Arctic development.

Joint session of the State Commission on Arctic development and the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation.

December 7, Joint session of the State Commission on Arctic development and the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation took place in the framework of the International Forum “Arctic: today and the future”. Dmitry Rogozin, deputy Prime-Minister, in time of session opening noticed that State Commission gave a number of important messages directed to efficiency improvement of state management in the Arctic zone.

Arctic transport potential.

Importance of transport complex development of the AZRF is determined with unique wealth of Shelf zone. 18 of 67 operating ports of Russia are located in the Arctic zone; all of them are united in one transport line. That is why role of Northern sea route. Though we shouldn’t discuss competitive recovery of NSR without modernization of sea ports infrastructure. The priority will be given to investments projects based on PPP principles.

Staff training

Every year Arctic region needs 25 thousand specialists. Dmitry Livanov, determined the most high-demand professions. Among them are navigators, specialists in sphere of minerals processing, oil and gas production, drilling and specialists of new spheres which are in high-demand or will be after 5-10 years.

Fuel and energy complex

Oil producing in 2015 will be 533 million tons, according to Kirill Molodtsov, Minister of Energetic of the Russian Federation. As for gas producing, it will depend on winter temperatures. “Gazpromneft” suggests to increase volume of fringe benefits for shelf projects. This information was given by A. Patrushev, shelf projects director of “Gazpromneft”. Besides, he noticed number of measures which company produces. Patrushev thinks that compensation for expenses of geological prospecting work will incite oil producing on the shelf.

Tourism potential.

Issues of tourism potential and cultural inheritance were discussed on the Forum “Arctic: today and the future”. One of the main topics of the discussion was dedicated to new direction – expeditionary tourism. According to R. Skory, deputy head of the Federal Tourism Agency, expeditionary tourism is a specially organized trips to hard to access territories including those in the Arctic territories.

Arctic regions: growing points of the Russian economy

The second day of the Forum was dedicated to Russian Arctic regions. According to Arthur Chilingarov, Russian economy consists of regional parts. “Efficiency of Arctic operations is impossible without regional cooperation, - added president of IRPO “Association of Polar explorers”. In the framework of Plenary session heads of the Arctic regions presented results of economic development after a year. Among the most important tasks in the Arctic regions is development of infrastructure of ports, transport and aviation connection. Complex development of Murmansk transport hub plays a leading role in this sphere.


Exhibition took place on more than 1500 sq.km and demonstrated achievements of social and economic and technological development of the modern Arctic, showpieces of the Russian culture and examples of unique achievements of Arctic peoples.

The main result of the event will be a resolution with propositions and recommendations from forum participants which will be sent to State Committee on Arctic development for advancement of state regulation in sphere of social and economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and relevant infrastructure.